B27 Laboratory of Blood


(Must use Direct X 9 +Shaders for book and incubator png files to show up in game) Lighting Editor pack recommended for best lighting effects. This mod is for a Frankenstein like Laboratory. I changed the lightmaps for a more reddish/Brown color instead of the greenish tones. The large green chemical vats and some of the glass jars on the shelf have been changed to red to resemble blood rather than the stock Thri-xxx green to fit better with the Vampire, Warewolf, and Frankenstein theme I wanted in the Lab. I added some evil eyes in the incubator window staring out from inside the dark chamber. Changed the open book to show Warewolf Anatomy with some blood drops on the pages. The crypt area now has glowing blood around the coffin and in the chemical vat nearby, to give the impression that it keeps the Vampire inside the coffin fed and alive, or could be the blood from her victims. The lightmap was also changed to remove the greenish light and make it more reddish/brown. The tools and saw on the table have been given some highlights to them and the wheels that would tilt the table have a more defined texture for grip. Hope you can find use for my Laboratory mod and enjoy it.

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