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I purchased the Yacht for my next movie but I don't need the boat, just the space and the water. But when checking it out, it strucked me how big the empty space inside the yacht is. Since I'm into toy rooms at the moment, I decided to make a toy interior for the Yacht. It has wooden base texture and some furnitures like chaise lounges, a sofa and of course a bed. Also a dressing table for the ladies and two pots with grass. Still room to add more of Your choice. The toy fits the yacht without being visible from outside. I made walls with windows only at the sides, so it's not a closed room. I don't know about room modding, but this is such a thing that could be an ordinary add on instead of a toy. Hope You like it anyway! This is an updated version where I made the windows at same size all over and fixed the white moldings which I also made bigger. I got some colors on the bed but didn't fully get rid of the wooden texture, a small part left. The floor was also too big, I noticed now, so I shrinked it. In preview pics you can see the difference in ceiling height, between the larger space and that under the command bridge.

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